Alvin Kofi Open Studio Weekend

Step into the word of artist Alvin Kofi and see his latest series unfold. Meet and greet this popular artist in the privacy of his studio.

Many of you will have purchased or received a greeting card or limited edition print by popular UK based artist Alvin Kofi. Alvin has been a practising artist and illustrator for almost 20 years and his unique style makes his work instantly recognisable.
During the weekend of 28 -29th March 2009 we will be inviting you to step into the heart of Kofi's creative world and see his work in the privacy of his studio.
This is an exclusive invitation and a unique opportunity so mark your diaries and watch out for further details

Entrer dans le studio et l'univers de l'artiste peintre et poète Alvin Koffi, c'est possible les 28 et 29 mars 2009 à Londres, où il réside. Evènement organisé en collaboration avec Alexandria Galleries.  



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